Crossings Republik fire station project hits another hurdle
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Crossings Republik fire station project hits another hurdle

After many years of struggle, CIPL had finally proposed a land for the construction of fire station. Though GDA has approved the land, it has rejected the station’s layout plan on technical grounds.

Crossings Republik fire station project hits another hurdle

Acting upon the order of DM Ghaziabad, Crossings Infrastructure Private Limited (CIPL), the collegium of developers of Crossings Republik, has finally proposed a land for the construction of fire station in the township.

However, as per sources, the proposal has been turned down by the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) citing modifications in it.

In the proposal, GDA has cited modifications in the layout plan for construction of the fire station. However, the land on which the fire station would come up, was approved by GDA after a survey conducted by fire department and district administration.

Sunil Kumar Singh, chief fire officer of Ghaziabad, told City Spidey that a survey was done on the land proposed by CIPL for the construction of fire station. "Officials of fire department and district administration had surveyed the land and recommended it to the GDA for further approval,” he said.

GDA approved the land but rejected the layout plan on technical grounds. The land proposed for the fire station lies next to the police post of Crossings Republik.

The proposal of CIPL came after a meeting held on March 19. In the meeting held at Ghaziabad’s DM office, CIPL was ordered to earmark the land for fire station within a week, failing which detailed project report (DPR) of the township will be cancelled.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC), GDA, district administration, CIPL and Indirapuram-based Federation of Apartments Owners Association (FedAOA).

Following the order, CIPL had proposed a piece of land to the Fire Department, as per a letter – a copy of which is with City Spidey. In the letter addressed to DM Ritu Maheshwari, CIPL said that a piece of land measuring 2,500 square metres has been provided to the fire department. The letter further informed that the department has surveyed the land as well.

Meanwhile, the approval of land has revived a hope in the hearts of people who, for the past three years, have been running from pillar to post to have a fire station in Crossings Republik.

Commenting on the recent development, Alok Kumar, president of FedAOA said that the residents have won a half battle. "At least, we have received a land that CIPL was reluctant to provide for many years," he said.

Meanwhile, Sanjay Jha, secretary of AOA of Gaur Global Village, a high-rise seemed a bit skeptical but hopeful as well. "Till date, each headway in the long pending construction of the fire station is seen only on papers. Let's hope things will move on ground from here," Jha said.

"Lately, there have been several incidents of fire in high-rises in the township and with summers, the situation only worsens. I hope the fire station is constructed soon," Jha added.

For the past three years, the residents, with the backing of FedAOA, have been demanding a fire station. FedAOA had even filed a PIL against CIPL and GDA in the High Court. After that, district administration had taken cognizance but passing the bucks game continued between CIPL, GDA and Nagar Nigam.

While GMC had refused to provide land for the fire station, CIPL cited failure on GDA’s part in procurement of the land and GDA again blamed CIPL for non-payment of fees against the procurement.

Crossings Republik, a privately-dwelled township, encapsulates more than 30 residential condominiums with a population of more than one lakh. Yet, there is no fire station in the vicinity. The residents claim that during the time of booking of the flats, CIPL had promised them with a fire station and a hospital nearby. Years later, the residents are still waiting for such promises to be fulfilled.

Summer and monsoon of 2018 saw dozens of fire-related incidents in Crossings Republik.