Read what AIR 5 Ayush Mathpal has to say about marks and its importance in life
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Read what AIR 5 Ayush Mathpal has to say about marks and its importance in life

He is a student of St Teresa School, Indirapuram and a resident of SCC heights (Raj Nagar Extension).

Read what AIR 5 Ayush Mathpal has to say about marks and its importance in life

“Marks cannot be criteria to ascertain the importance of a child in his or her family”. These are the words of Ayush Mathpal, the boy who made Raj Nagar Extension and Ghaziabad proud after scoring All India Rank 5 in CBSE 10th board results.

Speaking to City Spidey in his interview, Ayush and his family said that rather than comparing the kids who scored lesser marks, parents should encourage them to work hard and find out why and where their child is lacking? "Maybe the child could be good at sports or arts. Parents should find out the interest of their child and encourage them to pursue that. Reality is parents tend to pressurise their kids for the sake of competition. It is always between Sharma ji’s son scored better than Verma ji’s son,” told Hema Mathpal, mother of Ayush.

An amazing feat, parents elated!

Student of St Teresa School, Indirapuram and a resident of SCC heights (Raj Nagar Extension), Ayush Mathpal, has made his school proud after scoring 99 per cent in his high school board examination. I’m the first student of my school to scored this much, informed Ayush.

While it’s unprecedented for the school, the parents of Ayush are stunned with his performance as well. "We are receiving best wishes and congratulations from our friends, colleagues, and relatives. This is a moment of proud for all of us," told Prem Vallabh Mathpal, father of Ayush.

According to parents, Ayush has always been good in studies since the start of his school days. "He has always been a top rank holder in his classes," his parents told.

99 - the magic number

However, for Ayush, it was a dream come true moment. "Frankly, I always aspired to achieve this percentage but never thought I would. After analyzing all the question papers, I was sure that my percentage would cross 90, but 99 per cent and 5th rank at the national level was unbelievable," he said.

“Also, this is the first time I have scored this much in my life,” said an amused Ayush. “But I’m glad that I achieved it in one of the most important examinations of my formal education,” he added.

When asked how his life has changed since the results were announced, Ayush said that he has been enjoying his newfound respect among friends and family. “But there are few who have started cornering themselves as well. However, for my close friends, I’m still the same old Ayush,” he added.

Hard work, consistency and 'materialistic' sacrifices pay

Some might take it as a 'stroke of luck' but this newfound identity of school topper has come after a lot of sacrifices and “consistent work”.

“Consistency is the key,” Ayush said. “One has to be consistent in their studies to achieve excellent results. I was consistent. At times when I could not study due to some other engagements, I used to compensate those hours I lacked on coming days,” he added.

Ayush has to leave his love for cricket for his preparation, his mother said. “However, I watched WWE and cricket on television or take a walk outside whenever I took breaks,” Ayush admitted.

However, what helped Ayush more is his non-existence on social media. “I’m not of any of the social media platforms so I guess I had enough time to study than scrolling feeds on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,” he added.

His parents are yet to allow him his personal phone. “We are not allowing him to have a personal mobile until he clears his 12th board. He keeps my phone and uses my Whatsapp anyway to browse the internet and connect with friends,” Ayush’s mother said.

Last two months pre-exams key to success!

Spilling beans behind the strategy he worked out behind his outstanding result, Ayush said that the last two months before the examination is the most crucial period. “That time you have to devote yourself wholly and focus more on the subject that seems harder to you. For me, it was Social Studies and I have achieved 100 marks in it, all because I devoted myself into this subject in two months prior to the examination, he shared.

His 100 out of 100 marks in Social Studies surprised even his parents as well. “We were laughing after realising that he has scored 100 marks in the subject. I mean, he was so nervous and used to run away from Social Studies,” his mother said.

Akin to the current generation, Ayush also is a night owl. He said that studying during nights is more fruitful compared to the daytime. “You are less distracted and the silence of the night allows you to concentrate more on your studies,” he said.

Study hard, score harder

Also, never depend on the school and tuitions, keep a step ahead of it, Ayush added. “Everyone attends classes in school and takes coaching but what takes you ahead in life is the study. You should never rely on the lessons learned in school and revised during tuitions, always study ahead of them. This is my mantra for scoring good marks,” he claimed.

Youngest child's career goals!

Speaking upon his career, Ayush said that he aspires to become a software engineer. “I want to get into a decent IIT college and study computer science,” Ayush told.

Ayush’s father Prem Vallabh Mathpal works as an operator in New Delhi Municipal Commission (NDMC) while his mother is a housemaker. Ayush is the youngest child in the family after his two elder sisters.