Dog lovers send 11 strays for spaying at Crossings Republik

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 16, 2019

In a noble gesture, dog lovers of Crossings Republik collected as many as 11 stray dogs of the township and sent them for spaying. The exercise was done with the help of People For Animals, an agency appointed by Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation to sterilize and vaccinate the dogs in the city.

The exercise happened on Thursday morning at the market areas of Crossings Republik.

Speaking upon the exercise, one of the volunteers, Pooja Shrivastava, who lives in Ajnara Gen-X, said that catching strays living outside high rises is comparatively easy to the ones living inside the high rises. “With bare hands, we caught nine of the eleven strays and dropped them in dog van,” she said.

“I am emphasising on it because it's quite easy to catch outside dogs as they are not shooed away by sticks which is common in high rises. Because of such actions, the dogs tend to see humans as a threat and don't get involved with them. At times, they even attack when they are in majority and also because of the practice of  shooing away,” she explained.

Moreover, Pooja had a complain as well. “Generally, dog lovers are blamed for every man-dog conflict but the efforts in keeping stomach of the dogs full, sterilization and vaccination to make them stay calm is never recognized by other residents. Instead, it is seen as a provocation to the dogs,” she complained.

Pooja's complain holds relevance as in cases of bites and attacks by stray dogs, dog lovers usually face the ire of the residents, while laudable efforts like these go unnoticed.

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