Old multi-storeyed buildings not bound to convert to multipoint connection

Posted: May 18, 2019

Amending the rules in the Electrical Supply Code 2005, the Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission has exonerated old high rises from the compulsion of converting their power supply from single point to multipoint connection.

As per the latest amendment, it’s not mandatory now for old multi-storeyed buildings to convert their power connection type from single to multipoint. The conversion can only happen if 51% of the total residents give their consent for it.

However, the legal obligation to opt for multi-point connection power supply still applies to under-construction and upcoming builder projects.

This is the 14th amendment in Electricity Supply Code 2005. After the last amendment in the code in August 2018, provision was made for mandatory conversion of electricity point from single to multi in all high rises, irrespective of their construction date. The developers and RWAs were given a deadline of March 31, 2019 to undergo the conversion.

However, the resistance from residents on heavy cost and technical failures in converting the existing power infrastructure of single point to multipoint has forced the department to amend the law.

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