Eldeco Utopia: Dozen homemakers contribute to development of underprivileged
Eldeco Utopia: Dozen homemakers contribute to development of underprivileged
Ramesh Kumar
Eldeco Utopia: Dozen homemakers contribute to development of underprivileged
Photo: City Spidey

Eldeco Utopia: Dozen homemakers contribute to development of underprivileged

Believing in the joy of giving back to the society, around a dozen homemakers from Eldeco Utopia, one of the luxury condominiums in Sector 93, Noida, have started contributing to the holistic development of underprivileged. They don't teach but aim to educate them by involving in a series of extra-curricular activities.

The journey, which started with ideas of promoting habits of donation among residents for reuse of old books, has now gradually turned into a chain of library cum recreation centers. It has already opened six centers at different public schools run by the government in Noida and also one at a school in New Delhi.

Pravin Bhasin, founder president of “Books For All,” an NGO told that it is planning to open more centers at schools once the summer vacation ends. He told that around 1,500 students have actively been participating in extra-curricular activities that take place at all these seven centers.

Bhasin, who worked extensively for setting up power plants, now resides in Eledeco Utopia society, besides Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. He said, “I gave the idea for this initiative of "Books For All" as I wanted to keep myself busy after retirement. Residents also joined it by donating books and taking their time out.”

Residents of society have been contributing to it since it started in 2010. With the passage of time, many people have started going to these recreation centers and extending help for all the underprivileged. Homemakers, volunteering the move, adopted different approach for the holistic development of these schooling children.

Deepa Sengar, who chose voluntary retirement from Indian Railways, said that people participating in the initiative go to the library cum recreation center. They spend their time understanding children needs. Once they are able to identify it, they give those kinds of storybooks for reading.

Besides, they also take classes for students of class X. It is their effort that many students, who have been associated with the library, scored high in the state board examination after the result was out recently.

The first library cum recreation center was opened at a primary school in local Gejha village in Noida. It was followed by the opening of the second one at another school at the local Salarpur village. Similarly, the more centers were opened at other schools.  

Sengar said that the homemakers, volunteering the move, teach students based on their own interest. Some of them take classes of painting, crafting and dancing etc. They are trained by volunteers to perform on the stage as it helps to remove their fear.

“Book For All” has recently opened its seventh library cum recreation center recently. This center is supported by Cadence Design Systems (a private limited company), which contributes to the cost of books and stationeries available at the center. She said, “Around 600 students will be benefitting from this library and it will inculcate reading habit among them.”