GNIDA to set up grievance redressal office at GreNo West

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 22, 2019

Greater Noida Authority has planned to set up a dedicated office for grievance redressal in the Greater Noida West area. Currently, the residents are required to travel several kilometers for registering their complaints at the Greater Noida Authority office.

Sources claimed that senior manager and assistant manager will be appointed at the new office to address the issues of people.

The population is rising at a fast pace in the area. As per estimate, the population has already reached Rs 2 lakh. As present, the facilities are not according to the population in the area.

People need to travel to Greater Noida office to register their complaints regarding sewer, water, street light, roads, parks and green belt.

The distance between the Kisan Chowk at Greater Noida West to office at Greater Noida is almost 25 km. People waste their important time while travelling to the office. Moreover, the engineers who sit at the office seldom visit the Greater Noida West area.

The residents were demanding for a dedicated office for a long time now. “The approval for new office in Greater Noida West have given from the concerned department and officials have started working on it,” sources said.

The Authority has also asked to earmark the land for the setting up of office. CEO said that the new office will solve problems of people. It will also help in timely resolution of the issues.

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