Gurugram: Mahindra Aura to become 'plastic-free' from June
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Gurugram: Mahindra Aura to become 'plastic-free' from June

Residents have been asked to use paper, jute and fabric bags while shopping. Besides, shopkeepers within the society premises have been intimated in this regard.

Gurugram: Mahindra Aura to become 'plastic-free' from June

In order to curb the usage of plastic in our daily lives and otherwise, the residents of Mahindra Aura, a high-rise in Sector 110, have decided to ban it from next month onwards.

Talking to City Spidey about this move, president of the RWA of the society Yashesh Yadav said, "Plastic is a menace and we need to overcome this evil. It not only affects our health but proves to be an environmental hazard. Tough situations call for tough measures, so we have decided to make Aura into a 'polythene-free Aura."

"There are 800 flats and over 600 families reside here. We have mailed all the residents of our society avoid polythene during shopping and carry paper, jute and fabric bags. Besides, we have also intimated the shopkeepers within the society premises to make sure they do not give customers anything in plastic bags," Yadav added.

On asking about the action to be taken against the violators, Yadav pointed out, "No, we cannot impose any fine on residents but we are going to write to the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) so that it can penalise the person who is found violating the laid norms."

Optimistic about the decision which has been taken, Yashesh Yadav said, "I am hopeful that it will prove to be a success within 1-2 months. But we are willing to put in more efforts even if takes a much longer time. Each and everyone's cooperation is must to make it a complete reality."

Chavi Lal Das, facilities manager of the society, too gave a thumbs up to this initiative.

"It is really a good move I must say. I believe that every individual and every society must follow us and do something about this issue. Each and every small effort by every one of us towards it can save the Mother Earth," Das concluded.