Theater workshop for kids held at Rishabh Cloud 9, Indirapuram

Posted: May 26, 2019

To enrich the summer vacations of their children with offbeat life lessons, Rishabh Cloud 9, a high-rise in Ahinsa Khand II locality of Indirapuram, hosted a weekend theatre workshop. The workshop started on Saturday and concluded on Sunday.

The event saw participation of over 40 children. The minimum age requirement to attend the workshop was 6 years. However, there was no upper age limit.

"Many mothers attended the event with their children and learnt a few lessons on performance arts," said Sandeep Pandey, secretary of the AOA of the society.

The workshop was conducted by Bhushan Ameture, a theatre group headed by Prithvijeet Chaudhary, an eminent theatre personality. Chaudhary mentored the kids and gave lessons on effective communication through body language.

“Body language is an important aspect of any performance and our day-to-day life. It not just adds an appeal to the act, but also breaks communication barrier," Pandey said.

Pandey also said that it's extremely helpful for introvert kids. "It helps children become aware of the possibilities of communication with the body using gestures," he added.

"Moreover, a good body language also helps you in making an impression or convey your message just with your postures," Pandey added further.

Besides, the participants also learnt tricks of voice modulation and projection in the workshop.

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