Indirapuram Police lauded for reuniting 'missing' old man with family
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Indirapuram Police lauded for reuniting 'missing' old man with family

The 80-year-old, identified as Satya Prakash Agrawal, was wandering on the roads of the area, carrying a bundle of cash amounting Rs 3.65 lakh!

Indirapuram Police lauded for reuniting 'missing' old man with family

Indirapuram Police is receiving accolades from its senior officials and a family living in East Delhi. Reason? A gesture which is seen as rare.

The local police in the wee hours on Wednesday spotted an 80-year-old man wandering on the roads of the area, carrying bundles of cash amounting Rs 3.65 lakh!

Around 3 am, PCR van of police while patrolling in Abhay Khand II spotted a withered man walking slowly on the roadside.

"The man seemed lost. We stopped our vehicle and enquired but he could not utter a word. He tried to speak but fumbled. After much efforts, he told us he has no idea where he is now. He could not even tell us about himself," said Manish Kumar, one of the police officials who was present there.

The officers searched for IDs of the man and found that he is carrying bundles of cash with him. Police found his Aadhaar card which established his identity as Satya Prakash Agrawal. He is a resident of Nirman Vihar in New Delhi, an area at 9 kilometers distance from Indirapuram.

Station House Officer (SHO) of the area was apprised about the incident following which the elderly man was taken to the police station. Meanwhile, SHO took help of Delhi Police to find more details about him.

"I informed the police to verify the address written on his ID card and also inform his family about him," said Sandeep Kumar Singh, SHO Indirapuram.

“While verifying the address of the old man, Delhi Police faced difficulty in tracing his family as no one was living there. However, they with the help of the neighbours tracked down the house of his son and informed him about his father,” Singh added.

His son and daughter, both married, came to receive him at the police station and appreciated the efforts made by the police.

Daughter Seema Agrawal told City Spidey the man is suffering from dementia and at times forgets everything. "This is the reason why he could not recall how and why he reached Indirapuram," she said.

When asked why the family was unaware of his whereabouts despite knowing he is suffering from dementia, Seema said the man has several houses in East Delhi. "My brother thought he must have been to one of the houses. Well, he should have checked," she concluded.