Snatching incidents on the rise in Dwarka; victims divided on police complaints

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: May 31, 2019

Neeraj Sharma, a resident of Shiv Bhole CGHS (Sector 7), was returning from the market on Thursday morning. As soon as he reached near Radha Krishna Apartments, he saw two boys on a bike riding towards him. All of a sudden, he felt a strong push on his neck and he got perturbed for a few seconds. After a while, he realised that his chain was snatched by those miscreants. He called the police and informed them about the incident. The matter is being probed with the help of CCTV footage but what is important here is the increase in the number of such incidents which has raised serious concern among the residents of the sub-city.

People said they are being targetted on their way to their societies, near gates, service lanes, parks and while travelling in public vehicles. Snatching-related incidents, be it chains, mobile phones or bags, have become common in the area but police are not taking any strict actions to contain it, residents complained.

Locals further said that such incidents take place in less-crowded spots like roads, service and internal lanes of various sectors in Dwarka. Realising that there is less or no traffic movements in such places, the miscreants get an open invitation to commit crimes. 

Besides, such things had occurred when some lady was standing nearby her society while buying vegetables or talking to someone.

Sharing her experience with City Spidey, a victim named Seema Singh (name changed) said, "Well, I was returning to my home from the park in the morning and suddenly I realised that my mobile phone was snatched just before my society's gate. I was so scared that I could not even approach the police to complain about the incident because what if the miscreants recognise me and take revenge!"

While reporting about the issue, City Spidey learnt that the number of cases related to snatching is more than what gets registered as complaints, FIRs because, in most of the cases, the victims don't want to approach the cops.

Explaining the situation, resident of Sector 12 RK Sharma said, "See, there is a psychological fear and compromising approach among the victims because they don't want to get involved in any fights which could ruin their peace of life."

However, he stressed upon the need to cooperate with police to tackle such crimes in the future.




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