Noida: Narrow escape for boy as ceiling plaster falls off at Ajnara Heritage

Posted: Jun 03, 2019

A five-year-old boy had a narrow escape on Sunday morning after a chunk of plaster from the bedroom ceiling collapsed in their second-floor flat in Ajnara Heritage, a high-rise residential society in Noida’s Sector 74.

The boy, Ryan, was fortunate to have escaped a major injury as a major portion of the ceiling’s plaster came crashing down minutes after he had left his parent’s bedroom.

Rajat Datta, father of the child, said that just a few minutes after he had asked his son to come to the dining room, he heard a loud thud noise of something crashing. “I immediately rushed to the bedroom and was shocked to see chunks of plaster spread over the where my son was lying down a few minutes ago. The incident happened at around 10:30 am,” said Datta.

The family is extremely shaken by the incident. Datta had called on the police helpline informing them about the incident. He also complained to the developer of his society.

Both of them visited the flat hours after the incident. The developer has assured the family that the damaged part of the ceiling will be repaired immediately. According to Aniket Tiwari, media in charge of the Ajnara India Limited, it is a sad incident.

“The contractor of this group housing project has been consulted and told to repair the damaged part of the bedroom ceiling immediately. They have also been told to conduct a thorough inspection of other flats to identify any faults. If plaster cracks are found, they will be repaired immediately,” Tiwari added.

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