RESIDENT SPEAK: 'Collective effort needed to resolve environment-related issues'

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 04, 2019

With a growing population, the issues related to the environment are also increasing with each passing day. Be it managing solid waste, inadequate green cover, air, water, and noise pollution – the list of issues is endless but sadly, there is no list of measures which can provide a 'long-lasting' solution.

Not done but 'dusted'!

There are several high-rises coming up in Gurugram. As a result, construction work is taking place flouting set norms, causing severe dust pollution. Despite getting highlighted in various media platforms and otherwise, the issue is only getting worse than becoming better. Civic bodies, when asked, assure of taking steps but that proves to be a 'stop-gap arrangement' than a permanent resolution.

Poor waste management

The city where I reside, known as 'Cyber City', lags behind in waste management. Random dumping and burning of waste are rampant in the area. Besides, segregation of dry and wet waste is not being carried out properly. Neither the residents nor the civic agency concerned is bothered about to keep their city clean.

Though several initiatives by the state govt, NGOs, residents associations of some of the high-rises are being taken, their efforts are yet to become completely effective and praiseworthy.

More 'green cover' needed

Trees are being sacrificed in the name of development by constructing flats, buildings, shops, malls, multiplexes and what not! It is a serious concern which should be addressed without any delay. The state govt, civic body, and the residents should collectively work towards it making sure there are enough trees to breathe fresh air!

An appeal to all!

Being a resident of this city and a responsible citizen of the country, I would like to urge the govt departments concerned to discuss these issues at length, rope in the public to cooperate in their initiatives so that the environment-related issues are tackled and solved in an effective and organised manner.


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