Crossings Republik hosts a unique summer camp for domestic helps and their kids

Posted: Jun 06, 2019

In a noble gesture, a summer camp exclusively dedicated for domestic helps working in various societies in Crossings Republik and their children was organised in a play school in Ajnara Gen-X.

The 10-day summer camp, which concluded on Sunday, was attended by as many as 23 women along with their children. The camp was set up by Bharat Vikas Parishad (BVP), a non -profit organisation.

Numerous workshops aimed at enhancing skills, which will help these workers gain better employment opportunities, were held at the camp. Women were taught various skills such as how to cook without fire, henna art, paper bag manufacturing, makeup done techniques used in beauty parlours, told Payal Tripathi, a member of BVP.


Participants learning henna art (left) and professional make-up techniques (right).


“If they (domestic house help) wish to elevate their socio-economic status in the society, then that could only be achieved via learning technical skills leading to better employment opportunities," Payal said.

"These skills will open opportunities for them much beyond their present work of house help. These jobs will also help them earn more," Payal added.

"This is just a small effort from our side to help our brothers and sisters living below the poverty line, learn to earn a better livelihood and live with more dignity,” Payal said.

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