Gaur Green City: Hassled residents request restaurants to move its chimneys

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 09, 2019

After facing a lot of inconvenience from the chimneys of nearby restaurants for a long time, the residents of Gaur Green City, a residential society in Indirapuram, ran out of patience on Sunday and met with the staffs to share their concerns. They requested the staffs to address the issue.

“We have no other option but to keep our windows closed to prevent the heat, smoke and smell from entering our flats. We always struggle to get fresh air,” said Manish Gupta, a resident of Gaur Green City.

The B block of the society has the lowermost two floors dedicated for commercial use while the other flats on upper floors are for residential purposes.

The residents informed that they are hassles by especially two restaurants – Nazeer and Roti. These two restaurants operate at the first floor of the building. Their chimneys and air conditioners emit heat, smoke and noise which hassle the people residing in nearby flats

“Elderly residents and small children are the most affected. The residents with respiratory ailments are also under great risk,” Gupta added.

The situation has persisted for 6 long years. “Just last week, after a resident complained about the situation, the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) directed the Apartments Owner's Association (AoA) of the society to shut operations of the restaurants,” claimed Atul Bhatnagar, president of AOA of the society.

“But how can we (AOA) shut the restaurants’ operations? They are out of our purview. We have forwarded the direction of GDA to the developer, Gaursons Pvt. ltd. They look after the management of commercial activities,” Bhatnagar said.

“Meanwhile, the developer has also acted after the directions of GDA. They have asked the two restaurants to move their chimneys to other side of the shop,” added Bhatnagar.

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