Maintenance, security staff avert 'major' fire mishap at Shipra Sun City

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jun 12, 2019

The maintenance team and the security staff of Shipra Sun City, Indirapuram, with their prompt response, managed to douse a fire that could have become a major mishap. Fortunately, no one got injured in the incident.

It occurred in a ground floor flat of Phase 1 on Tuesday around 9 pm. The resident, who lives alone as a tenant, was present during the incident.

"He was cooking dinner when he wanted to use the washroom in the middle, so he went ahead without realising that there was a cloth placed close to the stove, which caught fire. While returning from the washroom, he saw there was fire on the kitchen platform and his flat was filled with smoke. Without further delay, he raised an alarm following which staff from the maintenance, security, and RWA rushed to the flat with fire extinguishers and doused the flames," Aryan Rai, president of RWA of phase I of Shipra Sun City.

"The fire was contained successfully, however, it had a potential to get much bigger if there would have been a delay," Rai added.

"We scolded the man for his irresponsible behaviour. Had the fire reached the LPG cylinder kept just below the kitchen stove, the magnitude of loss would have been unimaginable," Rai concluded.


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