Dwarka kids depict life of Mahatma Gandhi through stage performance
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Dwarka kids depict life of Mahatma Gandhi through stage performance

Renowned theatre group, Rang Shree, organised it in Shubham Apartments (Sector 12) on Thursday evening. 

Dwarka kids depict life of Mahatma Gandhi through stage performance

To mark the 150th birth anniversary of 'Father of the Nation', kids from various sectors across Dwarka on Thursday evening performed a play titled 'Gandhi and Satyagraha'- depicting the life's journey of Mahatma Gandhi, in Shubham Apartments (Sector 12). It was part of their summer training workshop, held by renowned theatre group- Dwarka Rang Shree. The play was directed by Akhilesh Kumar Pandey.

MP Singh, founder of Rang Shree and a resident of Ispatika Apartments (Sector 4) said, "We have conducted the workshop for 15 days. Two plays were planned during the course of it, the first one was based on an English fairy tale named 'Jack and the Bean Stalk' followed by the one on Gandhiji's life. We tried to develop core moral values in children through art and that was evident by the dedication and performance displayed by them.”

He further emphasised, "Drama is an important tool to develop the personality of the children. It improves their communication skills besides nurturing the values of the characters performed."

Akhilesh Kumar Pandey, who is associated with Rang Shree for the last 12 years and a disciple of Mahendra Prasad Singh, said that the children coming to the workshop, initially, were hesitant and feeling shy. But now, they are confident enough to portray any given character in front of the audience.

"It was a thrilling and satisfying experience for me to conduct the workshop and organise such a show. The level of happiness gets bigger when you see parents watching their kids performing on stage with full confidence and enthusiasm," said Rashmi Singh Godara, senior associate of Rang Shree.

Rang Shree, an association for creativity, awareness, and development, has been engaged in generating awareness among the masses on different social issues through theatre and workshops. It has been conducting theatre workshops every year for children as well as adults in Delhi