Dwarka: This is what happens when you let peepal grow
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Dwarka: This is what happens when you let peepal grow

It muscled its way into a wall of an underground water reservoir in Sector 16B and when a storm came, it broke severely damaging a section of the wall.

Dwarka: This is what happens when you let peepal grow

A section of the wall of an underground water reservoir on Sunday was left damaged after a full-grown Peepal tree broke off due to a storm at Sector 16B, adjoining Ashirvad Apartments in Dwarka. The tree, which has grown from within the reservoir walls, also damaged the society’s main boundary wall.

The general secretary of the RWA, Ramesh Mumukshu, spoke of the civic authorities’ apathy towards the situation, “Our association had spoken of this eventuality to the Delhi Development Authority [DDA] several times but no action was taken. We have informed the DDA and the South Delhi Municipal Corporation [SDMC] and the Delhi Jal Board [DJB] about the incident, but the fallen part of the tree and the debris of the damaged wall are still lying there.”

He added, “The junior engineer of the DJB had visited the affected area. And now we are waiting for something to happen.” 

According to the RWA, a few more Peepal trees have grown up on the reservoir wall on the other side too. There are a couple of other trees, too, growing on the reservoir walls.

The president of the RWA, Sushila Negi, explains, “The DDA  should address the problem, and the Peepal trees should be properly removed from the boundaries. The wall of the water tank will be destroyed otherwise.”

“I visited the spot and have sent the details to the department," said Raj Kumar, junior engineer, DJB. "Now, estimates are to be prepared for the work. The trees would be cut and the wall would be repaired. The work would be done within a month.”