6 months gone, is GMDA's promise to restore MG Road a 'sham'?
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6 months gone, is GMDA's promise to restore MG Road a 'sham'?

The development authority in December last year announced that repair and maintenance work of 12 stretches including MG Road will begin by March 2019 but it seems to be merely 'lip service'.

6 months gone, is GMDA's promise to restore MG Road a 'sham'? Representative image

The futuristic city of Gurugram is weighed down by the unfulfilled promises of the local administration. One would think of high rise buildings with a scurry of suit-clad office goers, but the reality is spilled with broken dividers, encroached pavements, and jam-packed roads.

One such significant stretch is MG Road. According to a report published in Times of India, the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) in December 2018 announced that the repair and maintenance work on 12 stretches including MG Road will be conducted by March 2019. But the road is still clogged with throngs of vehicles.

Apart from the poor conditions of the surface, damaged dividers and absolute disregard to the rules results in heavy volume of traffic in peak hours, making commute an agonising experience.

Responding to TOI about GMDA’s efforts to repair the stretch, Mehrauli -Gurugram to IFFCO Chowk, an official revealed that the department has decided to invest Rs 11 crore to make strides on the project. The tender has been allotted to a private firm that will repair the stretch by layering bitumen all over. The contractor will also be responsible for the maintenance for three years from the time work is completed.

He also mentioned that the project is listed as special repair work, while earlier it was under the department’s annual maintenance.