Residents of Dwarka form group to save 'democracy'
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Residents of Dwarka form group to save 'democracy'

People of the group want the ballot system in elections instead of EVMs, as they feel that choosing representatives through these is 'unconstitutional'.

Residents of Dwarka form group to save 'democracy'

Amid groups formed for different purposes, there is a group called 'Dwarka Citizens For Ballot' which has been created by a few people of the sub-city to protect democracy through 'constitutional' means. 

As the name of the group suggests, it stresses on the idea of bringing back ballots instead of electronic voting machines (EVMs). 

People from different walks of life- engineering, science, journalism, social activism, law, business, teaching, etc through this group have joined their hands to raise their voice against any harassment of democracy.

Founder of the group and resident of Sector 8, PS Dhunta shared his views with City Spidey. He said, "I was not convinced by the result of the 2019 elections. I wanted to raise my concern and thought of roping in others who hold the same views. That is how this group was formed."

Dhunta added, "We all felt that such formation was needed for a healthy democracy. In the very first meeting, everybody agreed to this fact that such movement is imperative today. Hence, it was decided that more people should join this group following which meetings and work will take place accordingly."

Existing members of the group also took an oath on June 22 to bring back ballot in the place of EVMs.

One of the members of the group, social activist and a resident of Sector 6, Monika Milani said, “Election held through ballots is authentic as it is the only solution to save democracy. I want a ballot system so I joined the group to add more voice in the movement.”

The group has started taking legal way too to fight against any fraud in the selection process for the demo article system. 

“We are going to get legal services to challenge the fraudulent election process and conduct of the Election Commission of India," concluded Dhunta.