Invisible speed breakers, fading zebra crossings bother commuters across Dwarka

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 02, 2019

Recently, an e-rickshaw got tumbled on a stretch near Bharat Vandana Apartment (Sector 19). Similar kind of mishap took place a couple of months ago in which an auto lost its balance and turned turtle. In both incidents, people survived with minor injuries.

Well, the cause of both the mishaps was common- a speed breaker which was non-visible!

Sunil Sareen, a resident of Vandana Apartment and vice president of Dwarka Forum, wrote about this issue to the department concerned but no action has been taken yet in this regard.

Such 'invisible' speed breakers are there across the area, especially on master plan roads like 201, 202, 205, 256. Besides, there is no mark to locate the position and height of these speed breakers.

Talking on this subject, resident of Sector 12 Seema Anand told City Spidey, “These speed breakers are made up of bitumen and concrete, completely black in colour same as the surface of the road. Once I fell down from my scooter while approaching Ashirwad Chowk, without realising that there was a big speed breaker in front of Surbhi Apartment and on the main road of the market in Sector 11. It has been in the same state for a long time.”

“Also, the zebra crossings near Ashirwad Chowk have almost disappeared after getting faded. This makes things difficult for commuters who are left with no option than stopping their vehicles for pedestrians by guessing as they are unable to locate it in the first place,” Anand added.

People, who follow traffic rules, are of the view that speed breakers and zebra crossings must be marked properly in order to make roads safer for pedestrians and commuters.

Sharing his views on this matter, resident of Sector 10 Naveen Agrawal said, “We want to obey traffic rules. Who would not like to but if the department concerned is not working according to its capacity, then whose fault is it?”

He further added, “Rules are there but it should be implemented in such a manner that it compel the general public to think twice before breaking it.”

It is a serious concern because, on one hand, the Delhi Traffic Police and local administration is busy promoting safe pedestrian and safe drive in the city but on the other, the infra required for it is deteriorating day by day.

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