High-rises in Noida with non-functional water harvesting systems to face action
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High-rises in Noida with non-functional water harvesting systems to face action

20 teams have been formed to carry out a thorough inspection of high-rises across various sectors of the city. The authority will give one week's time to comply with water harvesting norms failing which, action will be initiated.

High-rises in Noida with non-functional water harvesting systems to face action

The Noida Authority on Wednesday formed 20 teams to conduct a thorough inspection to check the state of rainwater harvesting or rooftop water harvesting mechanism set up at several high-rises across all the sectors of the city. 

These teams, being led by manager-level officers with the authority, have been told to finish the ground inspection of all the high-rises by Thursday evening following an intimation to the respective developers or board members of the apartment owners' association (AOA) to comply with the norms by making their rainwater harvesting mechanism functional within a stipulated period of one week, starting Wednesday.

The team has also been informed that respective residential societies, which they visit for inspection, should be conveyed that action will be taken according to rules in case they fail to adhere to the instructions. 

Formation of these teams is an outcome of a review meeting of water conservation chaired by Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, union cabinet minister for Jal Shakti and Yogi Adityanath, chief minister of UP who passed an instruction to all the district administrations across the state that water conservation should be enforced effectively. The meeting was held in Lucknow and district administrations posted in respective districts of the state participated in it through video conferencing.  

It prompted Alok Tandon, chief executive officer with Noida Authority to constitute multiple teams to complete the inspection on war-footing for which, priorities have been given to ensure that it gets enforced.

Shortly after the review meeting concluded, Tandon called another meeting with team members, instructing them to complete the ground inspection by Thursday evening. They were told to check all the high-rises or gated residential society, which are standing on over a plot of 20000 square meters area or more, whether the mechanisms of water harvesting are functional or not.

Tandon told them that in case the water harvesting mechanism is not functional, members or developers should be given one week's time to comply, failing which appropriate action will be initiated. 

The authority told that while issuing the completion certificates for a particular residential society, the person, who obtains it, will give it to them in writing that they will make the water harvesting mechanism functional.