Noida: Missing boundary walls, poor maintenance of Sec 74 park irk residents

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 04, 2019

Residents of Supertech Capetown and Ajnara Grand Heritage, high-rises located in Sector 74, were elated when local MLA Pankaj Singh inaugurated the only park on February 10 this year but their joy started to die gradually as there is lack of maintenance by the authority concerned.

People, who visit the park regularly, have complained that stray dogs roam around inside the park without any check. As a result, they damage the grass, plants, and saplings. Moreover, littering takes place which makes the park unhygienic besides giving it an untidy look.

"Though the park has an open gym and a good amount of greenery, it is yet to get boundary walls which give free access to these strays," locals said.

Being the only park across the sector, it attracts a huge number of people from the high-rises who come here for morning walk and exercise on a regular basis. 

Shailendra Baranwal, a vigilante citizen told City Spidey that he contacted officials of Noida Authority, urging them to complete the remaining work of paths and boundary walls in the park but to no avail.

"What I get in return is lip service and nothing else," Baranwal added.

He further pointed out that strays including cows make the situation worse. "Owners bring their pets to make them attend to nature's call and that makes the whole place filthy and unhygienic," he claimed.

He added saying that despite authority displaying a board, restricting animals' entry, residents hardly follow it. "A penalty should be imposed against the violators," he stated. 

According to official sources of Noida Authority, a tender has been floated to carry out remaining work which includes the construction of boundary walls and paths. The authority has assured of completing the work soon. 

"Besides, fine will also be imposed against the violators," sources of the authority concluded.


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