Ajnara Homes-121: Residents protest against high tariff for power backup

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 07, 2019

Residents of Ajnara Homes-121, a high rise residential society in Sector 121, Noida, on Saturday staged a massive protest against the society's developer at their office over the issue of high tariff allegedly being collected from them for supplying power from diesel generator sets.

While protesting, residents alleged that the developer has been charging exorbitantly for supplying electricity during the power outage. Moreover, they (developer) deduct amount of common areas maintenance charges from the recharge of pre-paid meter, which is for counting units of power consumption.

In case a resident does not deposit or recharges it, his supply is disrupted. All these are being done without any prior intimation to residents. They also told that sometimes power is not supplied during the outage.

Besides, residents also complained that they face life threatening issues. While using passenger lifts, many residents complained that they break down frequently. There were times when children trapped in these lifts.

There is no control over stray animals freely roaming in the society's compound. Parents as well as children fear to come out as dog bites are being reported from different other societies in the city.

The developer has also not deployed sufficient number of watchmen for safeguarding residents or their properties from unwanted people. “Number of CCTV cameras installed in the society is also not enough,” residents alleged.

They told that they have met the developers several times and convened meeting to solve all these issues by improving these services. But all these efforts went in vain as they did not do anything except giving blank assurances. It compelled them to stage massive protest at the developer office in Sector 63, Noida.

The developer outsourced the maintenance to a private agency whose manager MF Khan, told the media that charges being made are baseless. They are being supplied power round the clock without any interruption. In case of technicality with power back up, they are not in a position to supply them. But happens only when supply of power is disrupted for few minutes.

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