Golf Avenue-2: Residents lodge complaint against low quality of construction

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 07, 2019

Residents of Golf Avenue-2, a high rise apartment in sector 75, Noida, complained against low quality of construction at the buildings. They claimed that sub standard materials were used for building the society due to which plaster of walls have been falling from several places.

Plaster started coming down within a period of two years before which the society was made and residents moved in, they added. 

Sunil Singh, a resident told that the developer used third grade construction materials for building the society and due to which plaster of walls are coming down from many places. He said, "If the good quality of cement would have been used, this couldn't be the scene of the society where plaster from walls is falling down like a waterfall after a while."

Residents lodged complaint with the competent authority via social media platform and sought intervention of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to save them from the dangers looming in the society. “In case the plaster comes down on any residents while roaming in the society, they will get injured,” resident added.

Reacting to residents’ complaint, another resident, Ajay Pandey said had they paid so much amount of money to get such low quality house. He said their safety is in god's hand.

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