Fitness park including equipment, acupressure strip developed at Dwarka

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 08, 2019

There is a good news for the community people of Dwarka as the sub city has now got its own exclusive fitness park at Sector 14. The park provides great avenues to fitness enthusiasts for performing heavy to light exercises. 

It was developed by South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) recently and inaugurated formally by the area MP Pravesh Verma on last Saturday.

Many equipment have been installed in the park so that people of all age groups could perform exercises. 

Deputy Commissioner of SDMC said that this was one of its type park dedicated to people who love to sweat it out in order to achieve good level of fitness. 

The SDMC has also developed a concrete strip for acupressure theapy. The strip has been designed to achieve good health through acupressure.

The strip has stones on its surface which exerts pressure on different points. 

Apart from all this, the corporation has put up boards with information related to workout and acupressure.

Visitors of the park expressed happiness to get these facilities. Sanjeev Singh said that he gave up going to gym and started using equipment installed in the park during morning hours.

“A common person would be more than happy to use varieties of equipment at the park for workout. This is a good initiative,” Singh said. 

Like Sanjeev, Anita Yadav, who used to do acupressure exercise at home on acupressure plate, is now using the strip in the park. 

“The strip is very effective and I enjoy walking on it. Besides I could read and know about points and benefits on the board erected there. This is really a great initiate with good information for awareness about health,” said Anita.

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