Heartfelt gesture: Two Ghaziabad men plant joy
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Heartfelt gesture: Two Ghaziabad men plant joy

Donate plants and become a part of the green world like Ajay Sharma and Anil Gupta

Heartfelt gesture: Two Ghaziabad men plant joy

Ajay Sharma went through a successful heart surgery three months back and Anil Gupta's daughter turned 29 few days ago. What is common in them is that, they live in same residential society, Gaur Cascades of Raj Nagar Extension. However, they share one more thing other than their common address is the love for environment and greenery.

On Sunday, Ajay Sharma and Anil Gupta together donated 129 plants in neighbouring high-rises to mark the celebration of respective occasions. Sharma donated 100 plants while Gupta donated 29. With regular drop in levels of air quality, it has become important for everyone to do their bit.

"My doctors told me that rising pollution level affected my health and I was shocked," said Ajay Sharma. "I never smoked or indulged in any kind of addiction, still I had to go  under the knife," he added.

Meanwhile, for Anil Gupta, the reason behind donation was his recent reckoning for the environment. "And what could be a greater occasion to do this than the birthday of  my lovely daughter, Gupta said.

When asked why did they choose societies as a place to donate plants, they said that plants are taken care of and stay secure in societies. "Purpose is not just to plant the saplings but also take care of them and societies are a good place for that because they have dedicated staff for maintaining horticulture," both Sharma and Gupta said.

Vikrant Sharma, noted environment activist, who encouraged Sharma and Gupta for the donation, appreciated their noble work and appealed to everyone to do so. "We have to take charge of the depriving state of environment in our hands. Plantation is the best way to counter the ill-effects of climate change," Vikrant said.
"People should plant sapling more often. People who aren't capable of planting and maintaining saplings, should donate to others who can take care of them, just like these two men did," Vikrant added.

However, this is not the last time when they did this. Both Sharma and Gupta said that they will keep doing such activities in the future also. Let's hope that their initiative does wonders in building a greener world.