Proposed TDR policy to benefit Gurugram residents
Proposed TDR policy to benefit Gurugram residents
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Proposed TDR policy to benefit Gurugram residents
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Proposed TDR policy to benefit Gurugram residents

The people of Gurugram are going through a lot of hassle in their daily lives because of the poor conditions of roads and the civic infrastructure in the city, which ends up disrupting their schedule.

To solve this problem, the Haryana government has come up with the Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) policy which lets the land owners offer their land for public infrastructure development in exchange of development certificate which can be bought by the builders to carry out additional construction as per norms.

A TDR certificate refers to the govt awarding extra floor area ratio to the land owner for surrendering part of his land for building critical infrastructure. This certificate can be monetised by the land owner by being sold to a developer for construction of additional area as per rules, states the policy.

As per this policy, land owners can surrender their land to state govt to set up public infrastructure, such as sector roads, green and open spaces, and facilities such as hospitals and schools in exchange of a TDR certificate. The land surrendered under this policy shall be transferred to the govt to build infrastructure.

The officials of Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) stated that the land owners whose land has been earmarked for infrastructure projects can apply for the TDR certificates, under this policy.

As per the notification, the process of issuing TDR certificates will be digitised however for the time being applications will be accepted manually. This policy is likely to be implemented by September this year, as the DTCP is asking for objections from the residents till August 30.
This policy is likely to come as a relief for residents of developing sectors (58-115) in Gurugram as these sectors lack basic infrastructure like green belts and internal sector roads, due to the high cost of land acquisition. 

Another relief under this policy is that land can also be surrendered to set up sites such as colleges, hospitals and other amenities of external development.