Unitech Horizon: Residents wary of strays; complain about no set rules for it

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 10, 2019

Residents of Unitech Horizon, a high rise located in Greater Noida’s Pi 2 area, are getting annoyed by no definition of rules for feeding stray dogs in the society. 

They complained that stray dogs, roaming inside the society, are not only creating menace but also have become life threatening for the residents especially children.

Residents further complained that stray dogs have been perennial issue in the society. It has also been a point of discussion, however, the management did did not take the issue seriously.

As per the claims, the presence of high number of stray dogs have become major concern for the parents whose children play in the society premises. 

“Many of us do not even allow our children to play in the park or any other area in the society because of these stray dogs. Many times, the discussions have turned into conflict between stray dogs feeders and the other residents living in the society,” a resident said on condition of anonymity.

Another resident while talking to the City Spidey said, “Due to increase in number of stray dogs, the kids can’t go out to play as the parents are concerned about safety of their children.”

As per the residents, most of the people want these dogs out of the society but some animal rights protectors think that it is okay for these dogs to wander in parks, society’s internal roads etc and bite everyone in their vicinity or poop everywhere.

“Whenever we raise the issue with the management and ask to make these stray dogs out from the society, many residents give threat to call People For Animal, an animal welfare organisation. We are not against the stray dogs but we want a proper system to manage them,” another resident said.

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