Dwarka police issues instructions to tighten security across sub-city
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Dwarka police issues instructions to tighten security across sub-city

In his message, ACP Rajender Singh stressed on adopting preventive measures and the latest technologies with immediate effect.

Dwarka police issues instructions to tighten security across sub-city

In order to create a safe and secure atmosphere for the residents of the area, the Dwarka police has issued set of instructions to the residents' welfare associations (RWAs) and management of several societies across the sub-city. The advisory regarding safety measures has been circulated by Rajender Singh, assistant commissioner of police (ACP), Dwarka on various WhatsApp groups. In his message, he stressed on adopting preventive measures and the latest technologies with immediate effect.

The instructions and suggestions are as follows - 

  • Advanced CCTV cameras with night vision and movement sensitive should be installed at prominent places on the perimeter wall, entry and exit gates, lift lobbies, staircases, etc. Besides, two cameras should be installed in front of the main gates covering the main road on either side for the safety of residents.
  • Guard room should be equipped with a monitoring system wherein a guard should be deployed during nights to keep an eye of live feeds. 
  • Guards should patrol societies after every half an hour during nights. In order to spot his movement, a GPS device or a smartphone can be provided to him so that the management can get the live location during the odd hours.
  • Verification of tenants should be done by the flat owners. Domestic helps, drivers and other helpers, who offer their services in a particular society, should be issued identity cards after verification.
  • Management of a particular society should allow entry to a non-resident member through a computerised system, along with his photograph and photo of his ID. RWAs can take the cue from DPS Society, Sector 4.
  • Boom barriers must be installed at the gates of a particular society to allow and deny entry to vehicles. Digital stickers should be issued to the resident whereas number and photographs of unknown vehicles, persons must be registered.
  • Guards should be vigilant round the clock. They should properly verify details of an unknown person and immediately inform the resident concerned if he gets an entry into the society.
  • Local police should be apprised immediately about suspicious activities or movements. Also, cops should be informed about any kind of organised crime taking place in a particular area or sector.
  • Barricades should be used to avoid entry and exit of people during odd hours.
  • Guards should keep a close watch on new visitors. Police or beat staff should be informed in case of suspicion. 
  • Management should be in regular touch with senior citizens living alone in society.
  • To avoid theft-related incidents, the height of boundary walls should be raised up to 9 feet. Besides, fencing with barbed wires should be done.
  • Proper lighting arrangements should be made in common areas.
  • Besides using regular locks, residents are advised to use floor locks and inform their immediate neighbour while going outside. They should avoid keeping money and other valuables at home. 
  • RWAs should provide Praharis (guards) to the police for effective patrolling during nights.
  • Management should keep a permanent record of all the employees and support staff who had worked with the society in the past. Besides, they should also maintain a record of casual labours who are involved in construction activities within the society premises.
  • Members of RWAs and management besides residents should participate in anti-burglary/theft device exhibition held by police periodically.