Arrest of foreign nationals from GreNo, rent guidelines to be blamed
Arrest of foreign nationals from GreNo, rent guidelines to be blamed
Praveen Dwivedi
Arrest of foreign nationals from GreNo, rent guidelines to be blamed
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Arrest of foreign nationals from GreNo, rent guidelines to be blamed

The arrest of 60 foreign nationals from high rises in Greater Nodia area in Gautam Budha Nagar district on Wednesday has also revealed loopholes from the flat owners’ or the management’s sides in their mechanism of allowing foreign nationals to stay in their flats.

These foreign nationals were found living illegally in Alstonia Society in Sector Pi, Sector Stigma 3, Mystic Greens society in Omicron 1 and Palm Green Society in Sector Mu.

However, the Flat Owners Association in the Greater Noida – NEFOWA has called police’s action a commendable job for a drive against foreign residents living without approved visa and passport. The association accepted that the flat owners must inquire the details before handing over their flats to foreigners or any other tenants.

“It has been observed that flat owners allow foreign residents for the sake of few more bucks (rupees) but they must check their visas and passport before handing over the key of their flats. The societies are lacking a proper system where activities of foreign residents can be checked, and if some suspect activities noticed should be informed to the police. I personally know many foreigners living in societies and they are very much familiar with co-residents,” said Abhisekh Kumar, president of NEFOWA.

Flat owners were also of the view that brokers associated real estate firms play major role in this matter. “Up to 99 pc flats are rented out by brokers and it has become a set of rules in the property business. Brokers approach the flat owners claiming valid documents and they only fulfill the guidelines under the government. In some cases flat owners are reliant on brokers for verification of documents. Identifying the documents for the flat owners is also a not an easy task. They have visit to the local police station for further procedures which they often avoid and pay some bucks to brokers to get all necessary approvals done,” said Vivek Raman, a flat owner of Gaur City.

The district police of Gautam Budha Nagar on Wednesday claimed to have detained as many as 60 foreign national who were reportedly living in Greater Noida area without valid travel documents.

The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP – Gautam Budh Nagar) Vaibhav Krishna, has said, “We used to get complaints that they were involved in liquor and drug business. We had conducted drive to identified them and 60 foreign national were found to not have valid documents and out of them visas of 17 foreigners had also expired.”

For the district police, the situation turned shocking when few of the detained foreigners escaped from the police custody on Thursday night. An police official in Surajpur police station said, “A probe has been launched into the matter and further proceedings are underway. Also, a high level meeting has been conducted by the senior police officials today (Friday) on the same issue.”

A drive named ‘operation clean’ has been launched by the district police in several phases at different places and on different issues.

The police has instructed the flat owners to rent out their flats to foreign residents only after verifying required documents and their validity. However, it nor certain that whether the police has taken any action against flat owner whose flat was rented foreign nationals.