RWA Federation Ghaziabad requests societies to appoint 'family doctors'

Photo: Akash Mishra
Posted: Jul 13, 2019

The RWA Federation of Ghaziabad region has recently issued an advisory requesting all the societies of the region to appoint a 'family doctor' for their residential colony.

Tajendra Tyagi, Chairman of RWA (Residential Welfare Association) Federation, Ghaziabad said, "a family doctor can help the residents, guide them through different medical checkups, and can also protect them from getting exploited by the hands of unscrupulous doctors or medical institutions."

The initiative, which began from July 01, has given a month period to other local RWA to submit their feedback on the issue. It aims to provide basic medical facilities to all the residents within few minutes. So far, the Federation has appointed B.K. Aggarwal for the proposed designation at the Model Town Society.

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