Rajnagar Extn: After power cuts Ajnara Integrity now faces water crisis
Rajnagar Extn: After power cuts Ajnara Integrity now faces water crisis
Ashish srivastava
Rajnagar Extn: After power cuts Ajnara Integrity now faces water crisis
Photo: City Spidey

Rajnagar Extn: After power cuts Ajnara Integrity now faces water crisis

The problem for the residents of Ajnara Integrity do not seem to be ending. Just after they suffered from incessant power cut for two days, the problem of water supply knocked on their doors. The residents had to face more than 40 hours of water shortage as on Saturday morning, the water tanks of the society was emptied after a mechanical fault occurred in one of the pumping borewells of the residential area, which was normalised only by Monday morning.

The borewell pump broke down on Saturday, leaving more than 5000 residents in a jittery. However, alternative arrangements of water supply were made for the residents. Venkatesh, an executive member of Apartment Owner’s Association of the society said that over 150 water tankers were deployed to cater the water requirement of the society.

“Around 6 lakh litres of water was supplied to the residents through water tankers. This bit eased the water contingency,” Venkatesh said.

However, this measure put a strain of more than a lakh rupees on the pocket of the residents. They even purchased water canons for their daily needs. But the sudden surge in water supply left several residents in waiting. There were some other residents who received less canons than they had ordered.

Vimal Jalan, a resident of the society said, 'We ordered five canons but received only two due to the heavy demand from our society. We had to cut back our work to save it for the other day."

There were other residents who avoided to take a bath as it would lead to wastage of water. Amit Raghav, an executive member of the AOA said, "imagine not taking bath in this humid temperature, but what to do, we all were helpless."

During the crisis, Raghav said that residents got food home delivered or went out to dine just to save water. Meanwhile, the residents doing jobs had another challenge in waiting. They were clueless as how they were going to manage their weekly chores. “I and my wife work five days a week. Saturday is our laundry day and this week we couldn’t do it because of water shortage. We were forced to take out time for washing in the middle of the week,” said Utpal Singh, a resident of the society.

The borewell pump was repaired by Sunday night and things started to go back to normal.There are three tubewells in the society. While the residents said that fault can occur anytime in the machine, they also said that this fault could have been avoided. “Another borewell pump with the same capacity is staying defunt for more than an year. That could have been used now and the residents would not have faced acute water shortage for two days,” said Antesh Chaudhary, secretary of the AOA.

“We have been demanding the management to repair the tubewell but they haven't done it so far. Had the tubewell been repaired, we would not have faced this problem,” Chaudhary added.

City Spidey tried to contact officials of Lotus maintenance Services Private Limited, the maintenance agency of the society, but our calls and messages went unanswered.