Unplanned digging overlooking monsoon causes public nausea at Dwarka

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 17, 2019

The lack of foresight in managing affairs is a curse which residents are facing for a long time in Dwarka. The sub city is facing a lot of inconvenience due to unplanned digging of road overlooking the onset of monsoon. Now, after the first spell of rain, the dugged up soil has converted into mud covering long stretch of road.

As the digging was carried out for a long stretch, it has affected commuters in big way. Many societies' entry and exit points fall on this road. Hence, residents are inconvenienced as they have no option but to face the mud while going out or coming in the societies.

People, who are living in the societies like Pragjyotishpur Apartments, Amba Apartments,  HMM Apartments,  Rajnigandha Apartments, Rashtrapati Bhavan Apartments etc have been facing problems since the first shower this year.

President of Pragjyotishpur Apartments, Sector 10, Nilmani Sharma said that the road was dug-up about two months back but never restored. 

“This work was being done by BSES for lying down the electric cable wires. We asked them to repair the road before rain this year. But they didn't do so. Now we are the worst sufferer. You can not walk in rain or after rain on the road in front of our society,” said Nilmani Sharma.

The problem persists in almost entire city. In Sector 5, the road in front of societies like Sri Ganinath Nikunj, Vivekanand, Mansarovar, Kesarvani Apartments etc, the service road was dugged up recently. 

Vice President of Sri Ganinath Nikunj, TP Singh said that the work was carried out about 10 days back. He said that it was sheer negligence to carry such work in rainy season.

“They should have done it earlier but if they did so then they should have restored it properly. Now this incomplete work has created a difficult situation in rain. We will write to the concerned agency to restore the road as soon as possible,” he said.

The subject of dug-up roads and incomplete work in rainy season has become a topic of discussion among the residents' groups of the area. People are talking that either the work should have been completed till June with proper restoration or they should have carried it out after rainy season.

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