9-year-old goes green way, single-handedly plants trees
9-year-old goes green way, single-handedly plants trees
Akhilesh Pandey
9-year-old goes green way, single-handedly plants trees
Photo: City Spidey

9-year-old goes green way, single-handedly plants trees

A Gurgaon based 9-year-old boy is on a mission for spreading greenery and minimizing pollution levels in the region, by planting fruit trees.

Aarav, who is a student of The Shri Ram School, Gurgaon, has taken up the responsibility over his shoulders to germinate fruit seeds and then plant their saplings at different locations. Arav's parents are extremely proud of their son and his initiative.

As per Aarav's father, the minor has always been concerned with the rising pollution levels in the city, which resulted in him to take up the initiative last year.

Aarav, a resident of Vastu Apartment, Sector 55, initially started collecting various fruit seeds on his own, but later he requested his school mates and other community members to contribute in his effort. Soon, he had more than 5000 seeds in his collection which he later germinated and then planted.

This year, Arav specifically planted mango trees because it is his favourite fruit, and the majority of seeds collected by him were of mangoes.

Before dropping the seeds in the collection box, they are cleaned and dried. After that Aarav uses them for the germination process. Germination usually takes nearly one-and-half months.

Aarav has also been facilitated by the Governor of West Bengal, Keshav Nath Tripathi. He was given a certificate of Appreciation on the World Environment Day. The Deputy Commissioner of Gurgaon, Amit Khathri, has also lauded Aarav for his efforts.

For Aarav, getting facilitated by a Governor was the best day of his life. He feels happy and proud of the green mission he has started . He shares his future plan by saying “ Everyone plant one plant” to make our city a green and pollution free.