Dwarka sector 13 residents face garbage crisis
Dwarka sector 13 residents face garbage crisis
Akhilesh Pandey
Dwarka sector 13 residents face garbage crisis
Photo: CitySpidey

Dwarka sector 13 residents face garbage crisis

Residents of Dwarka sector 13 are reeling under severe garbage crisis, as the authorities have failed to maintain the nearby ‘dhalao,’ also known as, three-walled mixed waste dumpyard.

Among all societies in the region, Metro View Apartment is the one that is forced to face the condition on daily basis, as it is located adjacent to the dhalao. Vinod Rawat, President of Metro View Apartment RWA claims that the dhalao, which is specifically for the people residing in sector 13, is being used by people from other nearby sectors also. He further claimed that the authorities have failed to keep a check on the dumpster.

Our CitySpidey reporter, visited the spot ‘dhalao’ and as per the visuals, the condition is at its worst. Most of the surrounding are of the ‘dhalao’ is overflowing with the waste material. Ragpickers were seen segregating the recyclable items from the garbage and the rest (organic and hazardous waste) was lying.

The situation is prevailing for a week now. The passage where the ‘dhalao’ falls is used by school kids and other residents on daily basis. It is the need of the hour that such ‘dhalaos’ should be replaced with FCTS (Fixed Compactor Transfer Station). It’s a machine that compacts around 11-12 tonnes of waste a day, including both, organic and inorganic.

It is not just the authority, but the residents too should start segregating their waste into sections i.e. wet and dry waste. 

When CitySpidey raised the issue with Director Press Information, South Delhi Municipal Corporation, Radha Krishna, she said that the concerned officials would be informed about the subject and soon the area will be properly managed.

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