PHOTO KATHA: Women across Greater Noida celebrate Hariyali Teej

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 04, 2019

Women across Greater Noida celebrated Hariyali Teej, to mark the beginning of monsoon. The day also known as Hariyali Teej, which means the green in Hindi. The celebration is associated with the fresh lush greenery of plants and trees.

Women from Gaur City 2, Panchsheel Greens, Civitech Stadia, and Vedantam society celebrated the festival with great fervour. They all were seen dressed up in beautiful attires. To mark the celebrations they also distributed Tulsi plant to other female residents. 

Caption: (Above) A group of women at Panchsheel Greens celebrating the festival


Caption: (Above) Women dressed in traditional attire celebrating Hariyali Teej by applying henna at Civitech Stadia   



Caption: (Above and Right) Distribution of Tulsi and money plants on the eve of Hariyali Teej at Hare Krishna Mandir Gaur City 2

The festivity is a three-day event, which commemorates the union of Hindu Goddess Parvati with the God of death, Shiva. On the occasion, married women dress in green attire and apply henna on their hands. As a part of the tradition, mother-in-laws gift jewellery, beauty products, henna, sweets and other items that symbolize her marital status.

Sweets like Ghevar, Besan Laddu, Dal Bati Churma, Sattu, and others are used in various ceremonies.

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