Stone studded and thread rakhi in trend this year
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Stone studded and thread rakhi in trend this year

Markets can be seen flooded with people buying rakhis.

Stone studded and thread rakhi in trend this year

Rakhi is a festival which symbolises love and emotional bond between brothers and sisters. The graceful relationship between brothers and sisters has so much regard and magnitude for the Hindus that an entire day in a year is devoted for celebrating this pious relationship.

Since the festival is near, therefore markets can be seen flooded with people buying rakhis. Same is the case in market of Dwarka sector 6 where men, women, girls, boys and of course kids can be seen buying rakhis and gifts for their siblings. Sector 6 is one of the biggest markets of Dwarka having various types and designs of rakhis. There are some rakhis which are made up of silk, golden and silver threads and studded with semi-precious stones, while some are simple and sober with just a piece of string. It may be just a thread but the essence of Rakhi transcends all love and affection shown by a sister to her brother. Rakhis with cartoons can also be seen in markets which have become favourite among small kids who can be seen visiting the markets with their sisters.

This year the festival has a great charm for the people of Dwarka. Residents are busy preparing for the festival and young girls can be seen selecting the best rakhis for their brothers. Neha Singh a resident of Sector 7 said, “I am very selective in buying a rakhi for my brother because he is a stylish boy and he wants a rakhi which is in trend.” Various types of rakhis are available in the market. Stone studded rakhis are in trend today. A rakhi seller Devender Kumar says, “This year the enthusiasm in people is more than the last year. The rakhis which are in trend this year are of stones especially the ones which are studded with Jaipuri stone. Rakhis with stones, chandan, silver are in demand. Many people are also buying rakhis with Rudraksh. Now the festival is not just a religious belief but it has been mixed with fashion and style. A prepared thaal is also available in the market with rakhi, akhshat, tambul tilak and so on.” Sanjay another rakhi seller in the market says, “This year cartoon rakhis such as Bal Ganesha and Shinchan are favourite among the kids. Beside these cartoons, rakhis of other characters like Spiderman, Bal Hanuman are also available in the markets.” The rakhis are ranged from Rs. 20 to Rs 200.

Every year rakhi comes with new trend and people follow it. However, there are still some people who believe in traditional approach. Shalini agrawal resident of Sector 5 said “Rakhi is now a fashion and market can be seen flooded with fashionable rakhis. I believe that there is much enjoyment in the festival when it is celebrated in a traditional way.” Priyanka Sharma a resident of Sector 6 said, “Though a ready-made thaal is available in the market, I strongly believe in preparing the thaal on my own because that reflects love.”

Though the festival has been modernised yet holds importance for brothers and sisters and the entire family. It not only represents siblings' emotional bond but is also the occasion of family get together, reviving the relationships and social harmony.