<i>Shramdan</i> in Dwarka to revive water bodies
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Shramdan in Dwarka to revive water bodies

Over 100 residents gather to participate in de-silting of a water body in Sector 23, say revival of water bodies is important as they can recharge the water table and solve water shortage issues.

<i>Shramdan</i> in Dwarka to revive water bodies Residents lending a hand in the de-silting of the water body in Sector 23.

Residents of Dwarka are on the move to revive water bodies in the sub city. They are conducting a campaign for the purpose by doing shramdan (working for free) and raising awareness over the issue through workshops and meetings in the city with the officials concerned.

Recently, over 100 residents, which included the youth, women and the elderly, gathered to participate in de-silting of water body in Sector 23.

The shramdan was organised by Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi Sanstha. Members of social organisations like Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get-together, Pahal, Natural Heritage First and Dwarka Forum were also present on the occasion and contributed in the shramdan for the water body. Representatives from societies like Katyayani Apartments (Sector 6), Brahma Apartments (Sector 7), Radhika Apartments (Sector 14), Chitrakoot Apartments (Sector 22), Sadbhavna Apartments (Sector 22), Dream Apartments (Sector 22), Classic Apartments (Sector 23), Shaman Apartments (Sector 23), Sheetal Vihar (Sector 23) and New Millenium (Sector 23) were also present at the venue.


Photo shows residents during the de-silting in Sector 23.


Diwan Singh, a member of Dwarka Water Bodies Committee, who has been instrumental in promoting biodiversity in areas and revival of water bodies in the sub city, said, “We want to revive this water body as it has great potential to accumulate a huge quantity of water . We also want to turn this particular area into a woodland as such areas are the natural habitat of many species.”

Interacting with the people from across the sub city, Diwan added that in Dwarka and its surrounding areas, there are 33 water bodies of which the chance of revival of 19 is high. “We have to work for the revival of these water bodies as these bodies can recharge the water table and resolve the issue of water crisis in the sub city,” said Diwan.

SS Mann, another member of Dwarka Water Bodies Committee and vice-president of Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi, said, “We want to save the ecology of the sub city. Revival of water bodies is one of the most important things that we are promoting. We have been raising the subject for last two to three years. Authorities have also shown the willingness to support the cause but the pace is slow and they have often seemed casual. So now, we have made it a mass campaign and will do it regularly.”


Residents interact with one another during the campaign.