Not everything well with Amrapali Sapphire Phase 1, residents await for registry
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Not everything well with Amrapali Sapphire Phase 1, residents await for registry

Amrapali Sapphire has been in controversy after the homebuyers who were not given possession in Phase 2 knocked the doors of Supreme Court to intervene.

Not everything well with Amrapali Sapphire Phase 1, residents await for registry

No adequate power backup, flooded basement parking, open sewage treatment plant (STP) and no working fire fighters are some of the key issues that the residents of Amrapali Sapphire Phase 1 in Noida sector 45 have been facing ever since they were given the possession of their flats in 2013.

Amrapali Sapphire has been in controversy after the homebuyers who were not given possession in Phase 2 knocked the doors of Supreme Court to intervene.

In 2013, when residents of Amrapali Sapphire Phase 1 moved into their flats after paying a hefty amount, not everything was as same as it was mentioned to them in the project’s brochure details. The first monsoon was tough, the basement over flooded with the rain water, which also led to the power failure, seepage in the houses and other related problems.

Soon, an Apartment Owner’s Association (AOA) was formed and through co-ordination between the residents and association few issues were resolved while others are yet to be addressed by the real estate developer.

Residents collected 30 lakh to install lift

The Phase-1 includes 11 towers and every tower which had 2BHK was to be installed with two lifts while the towers with 3BHK and 4BHK were to have three lifts but this remained to be on paper and was not duly applied.

In fact residents of Tower L had to contribute money among themselves and install the second lift. A resident of Tower L talking to our reporter said, “We faced a lot of problem because of a single lift. There have been incidents where older citizen were stuck on higher floors and waited for hours.”

The lift installed by the resident.

Another resident of the same tower said, “The lift that was installed by the builder would often stop causing more issues hence we decided to install one and contributed the money.”

No fire fighter or control room, sprinklers yet to be tested after six years of construction

In spite of having the set up erected for water supply to the sprinklers, the entire Phase-1 lives under a threat of fire accidents.

The maintenance manager of the Phase-1 said, “ The sprinklers are in place but have never been tested and hence we cannot use them if any fire mishap takes place.”

He said, “Each sprinkler has a capacity to let out 10 kg of water at a go, even if any one sprinkler which has a default is opened, major issues can come to surface hence testing them is essentially very important.”

A resident of  another tower said, “ The National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited (NBCC) is aware about the situation and we are waiting for them to act upon it as soon as possible.”

Instruments are installed but no testing ever has taken place.

Water-logging and over-flooded areas in the premises

Both the lower and upper basements are not just a site of water-logging but breading grounds for mosquitoes inside the society.

The maintenance staff said that because no water proofing was done by the builder, the water seeps in from the common areas to the upper basement which then moves to the lower basement. They added that seepage is a major issue in the entire society because no water proofing has been done anywhere in the premises.

The manager said that two years earlier, the high tension power supply also used to get disrupted because of water-logging since the power generator are installed in the lower basement and the high tension wires used to submerge in water which took maintenance staff minimum six hours to clear.

He said that there have been incidents when it took us more than 20 hours to clear water from the basement.

Water-logging in the basement on a no rain day 

No adequate power back-up, Open Sewage Treatment Plant

According to the residents the given power back-up is not adequate looking at the number of households in the society and often the services have been disrupted because of overload. They feel that installing another power-back up has become a necessity.

If anyone enters from Gate 2 of the township, the foul smell emitting from the STP is a common site. The residents are using the STP installed by the developers which they claim to be incomplete and inefficient enough.

No irrigation line and incomplete pump house was given to the residents

Rajat, the pump man said, “The green coloured water that we are supplied with takes 8 to 9 hours to be treated. It is stored first in the underground tank and then in the overhead tank after which it is supplied to rest of the household.”

Talking to our reporter, a resident said, “The developer has provided us with no irrigation pipeline and hence we use our saved water to water the plants which is nothing but waste of water resources.”

“Moreover, there is no spare pump. If the motor is spoilt the residents will have to face water shortage,” he added.

Another resident said “The Supreme Court should also do something about the one time Interest Free Maintenance Security (IFMS) charges that were taken from us when we took possession.”

He said that the amount was supposed to be used for maintenance but we have been doing the same through our AOA, the money we paid will be crores and its interest in lakhs.

In spite of all the hardships that the residents of Amrapali Sapphire Phase 1 have been facing they told our reporter that they still eagerly await for the registry of the houses they bought from their hard earned money.