DDA Shops worth crores remain unallocated, becomes hub for negative elements
DDA Shops worth crores remain unallocated, becomes hub for negative elements
Akhilesh Pandey
DDA Shops worth crores remain unallocated, becomes hub for negative elements
Photo: CitySpidey

DDA Shops worth crores remain unallocated, becomes hub for negative elements

Unallotted kiosks shops constructed by Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in sectors like 6, 12 and 22 are telling the story of their failure. These waitlisted shops are in the unallocated state for more than a decade now.

Such kiosks have been developed in the parks surrounded by many societies. The kiosks were constructed for ice cream parlour, fruit corner, book & magazine shops, flower shops, etc. These vacant lots have become a hub for antisocial activities, where negative elements are using them for the consumption of liquor, drugs, and gambling.  While in some other places it is being openly used to store goods for contractors or are being used by labourer’s working in the parks.

Residents of the area say that due to lack of maintenance and security, there is a high risk of safety, especially at night. Ashok Kumar a resident of Sector 6 said, “You can see even during the day time that schoolboy or youths consuming liquor or taking drugs at those places. It has become a common scenario in Sector 6.”

Crores of rupees have been already spent on these projects but now with time these infrastructures are getting damaged and DDA time to time does its repair. According to sources in 2016 for the first time about 10 shops in Sector 6 and Sector 22 were rented out to a businessman of Dwarka but that too was closed within a year.

According to sources, a while back 30-40 kiosks were constructed by the DDA in Plaza Park in Sector 6, the park behind Nav Sansad Vihar at Sector 22 and in the park in Sector 12 behind DDA pocket 4 Subham Apartments. None of them has been allotted till now.

One of the engineers of DDA talked to CitySpidey on the condition of anonymity, “The construction of the kiosks was an innovative step of DDA. Though Sector 22, 6 and 12 are model sectors we developed the kiosks to provide facilities to the joggers in jogging track and cyclist in cycle track. Both  facilities  are available in parks of these sectors. In that way, the kiosk could have not only to provide facilities to the visitors but also define the beauty of the parks and the sectors. It is said that still there is no allotment.” While accepting the failure of the project he added, “Letters had been written to the concerned higher authority and the departments but no action has been taken so far."

A resident of Nav Sansad Vihar, Sector 22, Rejimon CK said, “These shops are a big failure of DDA. This is sheer wastage of public money. Surprisingly they are even not in a position to say anything clearly on the subject or manage their own planned infrastructure to get allotted.”

On the subject, DDA did not officially comment. Another official on the condition of anonymity said, “Actually, DDA has included the cost of the land and the premises with the kiosks. This is a challenge in front of DDA and matter of policy. Now it is more than 10 years of such shops and we have wasted huge revenue.”

Though the Vice Chairman of DDA, Tarun Kapoor on a visit to Dwarka said that soon something would be done about the issue.