GreNo: Conflict between management, Ajnara Homes residents escalates
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GreNo: Conflict between management, Ajnara Homes residents escalates

Residents alleged that the management of the society is cutting maintenance and electricity charges from the prepaid meters.

GreNo: Conflict between management, Ajnara Homes residents escalates

The tension between Ajnara Homes residents and management of the society on maintenance issues escalated after the latter allegedly started deducting maintenance and electricity charges from residences’ prepaid meters.

For around two years now, the two parties have been arguing over the incomplete facilities and other maintenance issues in the complex. Residents claim, even after paying maintenance charges in advance for two years, the management has failed to upkeep the property. The issue has become a long, pending debatable matter between both the parties. 

"Basement area is filled with garbage and water, which make things difficult for the residents. The issue of diesel generator was presented before the management, but they did not do anything about it. Later, we were forced to complain to the National Green Tribunal stating that they (management) were not complying with its directives," said a resident.

Recently, the annoyed residents opposed paying the maintenance charges. They argued that they had not received services for the amount they had already paid, then why should they be forced to pay again? 

“We argued why should we pay when we are not getting adequate facilities. We will pay only for the services being provided,” said another resident.

CitySpidey tried to take a view from the managment side also, but most of our calls went unanswered. 

In a similar incident, developer of Golf Avenue-2, Noida, was deducting maintenance charge from the residences' prepaid meters. But he was warned by the City Magistrate, Shailendra Kumar Mishr, who clearly stated that the developer was allowed to collect maintenance charges from the residents but not from their pre-paid meters as it was not according to rules.