Raj Nagar Ext: Potholes on road causing trouble for Charms Castle children
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Raj Nagar Ext: Potholes on road causing trouble for Charms Castle children

The potholes have occurred due to non maintenance of road.

Raj Nagar Ext: Potholes on road causing trouble for Charms Castle children

School going children of Charms Castle, a residential society in Raj Nagar Extension, are facing a hard time in catching their school bus in the morning as the road in front of the main gate is riddled with potholes resulting in waterlogging during monsoons. The potholes have occurred due to non maintenance of road.

“It has become difficult for the children to wait for the bus on the main road. Many a times, the bus driver refuses to pick up the children from the main gate fearing damage to the bus due to potholes,” complained Bhuri Singh, a resident of the society.

Besides, the residents also face difficulty while taking out their vehicles from the society’s main gate. Not only the road near the society's main gate, but the whole road is riddled with potholes. They can also be found near the society's front gate.

After crossing Ajnara cut on Meerut Bypass Road, just few meters ahead, a one kilometer long approach road joins the Meerut Bypass Road from left. There are as many as five societies' gate on that approach road. However, Charms Castle is the only society which has its front gate situated on that road. The whole stretch is riddled with potholes. This 10 meter wide road is used by trucks carrying construction material to be used for an upcoming housing project of Fortune builders.

Besides, the developer of Charms Castle is also developing a commercial complex on the road just across the society. “Many trucks carrying construction material ply on this road. Due to the weight of the trucks, the road has become uneven and many potholes have appeared on it. When it rains, the road looks like a swamp,” complained Deepak Bhardwaj, a resident of the society.

“Few minutes of rain creates such a situation that crossing the main gate feels like scaling a mountain,” Bhardwaj added.

The residents have complained about maintenance of road to Ghaziabad Development Authority and Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation. The civic agencies informed the residents that the responsibly to develop and maintain the approach road lies on the builder. “After that, we have complained at least 50 times to the builder but he did not take any action in this regard,” Singh added.

When CitySpidey contacted the maintenance management of the society to know their version on the matter, they redirected us to the builder. They said that the management does not look after the matters outside the society. The developer after multiple calls and messages remained incommunicado.