Illegal discharge of sewage water troubles Gurugram's sector 82, 83 residents 
Illegal discharge of sewage water troubles Gurugram's sector 82, 83 residents 
Akanksha Gupta
Illegal discharge of sewage water troubles Gurugram's sector 82, 83 residents  Stagnating wastewater
Photo: CitySpidey

Illegal discharge of sewage water troubles Gurugram's sector 82, 83 residents 

The residents of Gurugram's sector 82 and 83 are living under the fear of an outbreak of vector-borne disease due to water stagnation in several areas.

They alleged that several builders are flouting the rules by discharging sewage water illegally into the vacant plots and abandoned projects which are not only detrimental to the health of the residents but causing severe damage to the environment.

Water discharge on the roadside in Gurugram 

The residents informed CitySpidey that several cases of dengue and malaria were reported last year.  And, if no corrective measures will be taken in this direction immediately the same can resurface this year as well.

Rao Dharamveer Singh, President of Mapsko Casa Bella RWA said, "The stagnated water has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. We have encountered more than 50 cases in our society last year. The situation is severe and civic bodies need to take proactive steps to rectify the problem."  

Apprising about the situation residents informed CitySpidey how partially operated STP plants are a problem point."Most of the STPs installed here are under capacity and partially operational due to which sewage water is not treated properly. Thus, making it unsuitable for reuse.  In the absence of sewer lines, the builders take unauthorised tankers services which discharge treated or untreated sewage water at the nearest available location," alleged Singh.    

They complained that the unauthorised tankers are draining wastewater openly in the vacant plots, abandoned projects or let it run on the road causing water stagnation in the vicinity. 

Lokesh Yadav, General Secretary of K Block, Vatika India Next RWA said, "We are facing a lot of problems as it has become very difficult to commute on the road filled with dirty water. The residents are taking longer routes to travel to avoid bad smell emanating from the dirty water."

The resident alleged that since new residential and commercial projects have come up in the vicinity, the civic authority has failed to provide the basic infrastructure. More than 10,000 families are residing in the area in several societies including Mapsko Casa Bella, Royal Ville, Antriksh Heights, Vatika India Next, Lifestyle Homes and others.  

The residents alleged that they have made several complaints to the concerned authority but nothing much has been done. Abhishek Sharma, Executive Member of Royal Ville RWA said, "I moved here in 2017 and since then the situation remains the same. We are constantly following the matter with DTP and made a complaint in the CM window, however, no swift action has been taken so far against the violators. The inquiry had been done in an insincere manner just only to close the complaint not to resolve it."

Meanwhile, Lalit Arora, Chief Engineer GMDA said, "We are already taking action against those who don't have adequate STP for treating domestic sewage generated from the society. As far as infrastructural development is concerned, the matter is already in progress and we will start the work once we will take over the charge."