Fire breaks out in Bank of Baroda in Sector 12, Dwarka
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Fire breaks out in Bank of Baroda in Sector 12, Dwarka

Senior manager says no document or cash damaged, and operations shifted to Sector 17 branch.

Fire breaks out in Bank of Baroda in Sector 12, Dwarka Photo shows the office of the bank after the fire was doused.

A fire broke out at Bank of Baroda in Dwarka Sector 12 on Tuesday morning. According to onlookers, the Fire Department was notified by nearby shopkeepers after smoke and flames were seen emanating from the building around 7 am.

Those present said the fire was doused within half an hour by fire tenders. Bank officials said a shot circuit could have been the cause of the fire.

DP Gupta, senior manager of the branch, said, “The office has been burnt but there has been no damage to any document or cash. We have informed the higher officials of the incident.”

Gupta added, “We cannot work here until the place has ben restored. Our work has been shifted to the Sector 17 branch. We are informing our customers to visit us there for any work they may have.”

When City Spidey visited the spot, it found that a large part of the bank had been burnt. It also seemed that papers and other documents kept in the open had been consumed by the flames. MK Kapoor, a resident of the Indraprastha society in Sector 12, Pocket 3, who has an account at the branch, said, “Despite what officials say, it does indeed seem as if many documents have been damaged.”

Meanwhile, there were two more fire incidents near Dwarka. The first was in a tent house in the Bijwasan area of West Delhi on Tuesday morning; the second was at a thinner factory in Matiala area on Monday evening. Though the cause of the fires remain a mystery, thankfully, no injuries have been reported.


A view of the building where the fire broke out