GreNo: Supertech Pani Do slogans abuzz in Eco-village-2
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GreNo: Supertech Pani Do slogans abuzz in Eco-village-2

The residents are without water in high rise apartment since last 48 hours 

GreNo: Supertech Pani Do slogans abuzz in Eco-village-2

Residents of Greater Noida and Noida may be living in luxurious and fancy apartments but their lives are not so opulent. Every now and then they are facing one or the other problem. Water shortage, waterlogging, power cuts, lift-malfunctioning, security, parking etc and what not.

Residents of Eco-Village 2, a highrise in Greater Noida West, is facing water shortage for the last 48 hours. On Tuesday, a group of society women holding posters with slogans 'Supertech Pani Do' reached management office demanding water from them. 

The management claimed that they provided water to society through water tankers and even distributed 20 litres of bottled water for each flat. The Residents said water was provided but its  not easy to carry the water to 20th or 25th floor .

Protesting women, who are mostly housewives, had to stand in the long queue to fetch water from the tankers and carry it to their respective flats through lifts. Jyoti Jaishwal, a resident of the society said, “Only I know what I am going through. I have small children and it is very difficult to survive without water. Small children munch and drink the whole day due to which they frequesntly use washroom. What should I tell them? Should I tell them to stop eating and drinking as there is no water in the washroom? Water is a basic need of life. It has been more than 48 hours and water shortage is still there.”

“People buy luxury homes so that they can get to every facility. But here we are not even getting water which is a basic necessity of life. There are people in this society who go to work. It is very difficult for them to stand in a long queue to get water from tankers. We can understand technical glitches but it is not the first time when we have faced such issue,” said Mihir Kumar, another resident of the society.

Residents had to store water to meet their daily requirements because they were uncertain whether water supply will be resumed in the next couple of hours or not. Due to the shortage of water, residents ordered food from outside instead of cooking at their homes so that they don't have to wash utensils and the saved water could be used for emergency.

“I live on the 5th floor of the building and I really had to run to get a bucket of water today. We have to fight for electricity, water and security. One can not believe that I have stored water even in the washing machine so that we can use that water in case there is some emergency,” said Sarita, another resident.