Gurugram: Johnson Lifts asked to certify safety of installed elevators
Gurugram: Johnson Lifts asked to certify safety of installed elevators
Akanksha Gupta
Gurugram: Johnson Lifts asked to certify safety of installed elevators
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Gurugram: Johnson Lifts asked to certify safety of installed elevators

The department of the Electrical Inspectorate, Gurugram, has directed the Johnson Lifts Pvt Ltd to certify the safety of all the elevators as per the Haryana Lifts and Escalator Act, 2008. In case of failing to do so, strict action will be taken against the company, which may lead to a restriction in doing business in Haryana.

The direction came after the residents of Unitech The Residences, a high rise society in sector 33, filed a complaint on Friday over frequent malfunctions.

The department also directed the developer to provide a logbook showing the maintenance work done in the last three months. They have been asked to carry out immediate safety checks of elevators. They said that in case of any mishappening, the builder would be responsible.

Manju Punia, Executive Engineer, the electrical inspectorate said, “I have directed the company to ensure compliance of all the requisite norms. They have also been asked to give certifications.”

According to the residents, there are 22 tower lifts and 2 Machine Room Less (MRL) lifts in society. They complained that on an average, 3 lifts develop problems on a daily basis. What is more shocking is that during the failure, even Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) does not work and the residents get stuck in the lift.

The residents further informed that the basic life-saving features are also not working in the lift and the company is not providing any solution despite repeated complaints made to the senior officials of the company.

Sahaj Kumar, a resident of B-3 tower of the society had faced a harrowing experience on Friday night when he and his wife got stuck in the lift for close to 15 minutes at 2 am. 

He said, “There is some problem with the calibration of the lift as when we pressed 11th floor, the lift stopped at 7th floor. And then it was moving up an down without stopping at any floors. This had happened with me earlier as well. Since the lift was not stopping at any floor, the guard also couldn’t help much. The display board showed the 18th floor when we were at 7th. The tower has only 14 floors.”

The residents alleged that there was a serious fault in Johnson lifts from the beginning. 

Vikram Bishnoi, President of RWA said, “We had filed a police complaint in 2016 wherein the Johnson company had accepted that there were manufacturing defects in the lifts installed in our society. They even agreed to replace the doors, cables and fix manufacturing faults permanently. However, till date, nothing has been done to resolve the matter permanently.”

The residents alleged that in case of a fault, the engineer used to simply reset the lift without properly analyzing the cause behind the problem. 

“It is a serious threat to the resident as a fatal incident can happen anytime. We have requested the concerned department to take strict action against the company for poor quality lifts,” he said.

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