DDA Harsh Apartments, Dwarka: Let the storms come!
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DDA Harsh Apartments, Dwarka: Let the storms come!

With frequent flooding near the Sector 10 DDA society, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation has finally decided to construct a separate storm-water drainage system for it.

DDA Harsh Apartments, Dwarka: Let the storms come!

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has undertaken the construction of a storm-water drainage system for DDA Harsh Apartments, Pocket 1, Sector 10, Dwarka. The area is under the jurisdiction of Matiala Ward of SDMC.

The work was inaugurated by the newly elected area councillor, Ramesh Matiala, in the presence of  RWA officials and residents of the pocket. According to the RWA, the work had been pending for a long time and became possible only after repeated follow-ups with SDMC.

Anil Chowdhry, the RWA president, said, “It took us a decade to get work started on this. Earlier, our area and the Sector 10 market had a shared drainage system. It caused the drains to choke, leading to frequent waterlogging. We kept writing to the authorities to build us our own drainage system, and finally, after much back and forth, work has finally begun, thanks to the SDMC and Ramesh Matiala.”

The project is expected to cost about Rs 20 lakh and is slated to be completed in three months, said Gaman Singh, the RWA general secretary. “This system is to be connected with the rainwater harvesting system of our area," he added. "Though it is non-operational now, we have requested the councillor to ensure that it’s made functional when this work is done. He said he would look into it.”