Gzb: Dearth of green firecrackers might affect 'Ravan Dahan'
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Gzb: Dearth of green firecrackers might affect 'Ravan Dahan'

The organisers put firecrackers inside the effigy of Ravana to burn it on 'Vijaydashmi.'

Gzb: Dearth of green firecrackers might affect 'Ravan Dahan' Representative Image

Due to the ban on the sale of traditional firecrackers by the Ghaziabad District Administration (GDA), the organisers of Ramleelas are in search of green firecrackers to burn the effigies of Ravan. But, they are finding it difficult to procure as there is a shortage of such firecrackers in the market.

Hence, the organisers are not sure how the ritual burning of effigies will take place on Dussehra, the last day of the Ramleela. 

Firecrackers are stored inside the effigy of Ravana to create firework on 'Vijayadashami'.

The district administration had also issued guidelines for burning of effigies. According to the guidelines, only green firecrackers can be used for burning of effigies. “Violation of this guideline is subject to strict actions,” said Yadhvardhan Srivastava, City Magistrate, Ghaziabad.  

Following the issuance of the guidelines and unavailability of green firecrackers in the markets, the organisers have started looking to Delhi and Haryana to meet the demand. 

“We are searching for the eco-friendly firecrackers at the markets of Delhi and Gurgaon,” said Rajeev Nigam, Sullamal Ramleela Committee.

Meanwhile, the organisers have started to look for other options as well. “In case we don't get green firecrackers, we would complete the ceremony by throwing flowers,” told Manoj Kumar, Aadarsh Dharmik Ramleela Committee. 

While few environment-conscious residents are happy with the decision, other residents said that the absence of normal firecrackers would take away the excitement of Dussehra festival. 

“Thousands of people especially children watch the burning of Ravan's effigy with fireworks. They would be disappointed if there will be no fireworks,” told Vaibhav Seth, a resident of Indirapuram.