City Spidey camp concludes, yoga moves on
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City Spidey camp concludes, yoga moves on

The week-long camp was a big draw. At the culmination of the event, many participants vowed to adopt the time-tested science of healthy living in their daily life.

City Spidey camp concludes, yoga moves on The concluding yoga session in progress at Ganapati Apartment in Dwarka.

The week-long yoga therapy camp organised by City Spidey at Ganpati Apartments, Sector 9 of Dwarka concluded on International Yoga Day on Sunday on a positive note. Many participants vowed to adopt the time-tested science of healthy living in their daily life.

The concluding session of the camp started at of 6 am and ended at 8 am. During the session, Yoga Guru RP Singh gave valuable asana tips to the participants. He answered each query posed to him by enthusiastic participants on yoga and its advantages.

Some people learnt the jala neti kriya, a procedure for maintaining nasal hygiene by means of irrigating the nostrils with warm salty water, at the camp. Guru RP Singh distributed Neti Patra (pot) among those interested in practicing it. 

Speaking at the end of the session, Singh said, “The camp was a great success as it evoked overwhelming response. People who turned up at the camp on the first day continued to participate in the sessions till the last day. They showed great interest in yoga. Many of them took my contact number to pose queries whenever in need.”

Apart from Ganapati Apartments, residents of various neighbouring societies participated in the camp. Thanking City Spidey for organising the camp, President of Ganpati Apartments, Advocate KS Bhati, described the event as a great opportunity for social get-together. He said he is looking forward to organise more such camps in future.
President of Manzil Apartments, Sushil Batra, said, “I attended the camp on the very first day and learnt a lot from it. I would welcome such camps in our society.”

He expressed his gratitude to City Spidey for what he called as a noble effort.

Col (Rtd) CM Upreti, a resident of Brigu Apartments of Sector 9 who has been practicing yoga with his group at the park of his sector, also attended the yoga therapy session at Ganpati. He said, “I attended the camp as I wanted to avail this opportunity to learn something different. I want such activities should be organised from time to time.”

A resident of Ganpati Apartments, S Kashyap, who could not even sit on the floor, participated in the yoga session sitting on a chair. He learnt neti kriya to treat her sinus problem.

Poonam Tyagi, a social activist and resident of Paradise Apartments, Sector 9, said, “I really enjoyed the week-long session. I learnt a lot from it. Morning walk has become a daily routine for me. It is because of the camp.”