Civic apathy causes footpath spill in Dwarka
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Civic apathy causes footpath spill in Dwarka

Much to the chagrin of Dwarka residents, the civic authorities cleaned up the sub-city's drains but forgot to get rid of the resultant silt.

Civic apathy causes footpath spill in Dwarka

To deal with the monsoons, the authorities in Dwarka cleaned up the drains in the sub-city a month back, but left behind the silt on the footpath. Now, ironically, that silt is re-entering the drains due to the rains. Also, the silt has overrun the footpaths, making it difficult for pedestrians to walk.

The silt lies heaped on footpaths in sectors 6, 10, 11, 12, 4, 5, 13 and 14. Flies and stench make it difficult for both residents and commuters. Sushil Kumar, a resident of Sector 4, says, “It is difficult to wait at the bus stands along the main footpaths — it’s pathetic. The authorities should remove the silt as soon as possible.”

Sometimes, there are silt mounds on the footpaths just opposite the main entrance of societies. Mahesh Gupta, the general secretary of the DDA SFS Flats RWA in Sector 5, says, “The silt is never properly disposed of. You can see it here right in front of our gate. Usually, senior citizens gather there in the evenings to spend some time. Now, thanks to the silt and the stench, they can't even do that. The lackadaisical approach of the corporation and the DDA has led to this.”

If it’s not the silt, it's the open manholes. The covers are either missing or damaged. Residents say that corporation workers clean up the drains but forget to put back the covers. “The situation is dangerous, as the rains and the silt turn the footpaths slippery, and manholes have no covers on them. It’s a disaster waiting to happen!” complains a resident.

Anjana Sinha, a resident of Dwarkadheesh Apartments, Sector 12, says, “You can see the open nullah and the heap of silt on the footpath near our society, in front of the Sector 12 market. The civic agencies are taking the whole thing too lightly. They should clean the drains but also dispose of the silt.”

When City Spidey spoke to one of the DDA engineers, this is all he had to say, “We are aware of the situation. The silt will be cleared out soon.”